AB Lawyers has defended interests of a major French manufacturer of valves in the Russian Antimonopoly Service in a trademark infringement case

A major French manufacturer of industrial valves approached AB Lawyers to protect infringed trademark rights after it became aware of the supply of counterfeit products under a government contract.

AB Lawyers documented the fact of the violation, prepared the evidence base, developed the strategy to bring the violator to justice, filed statements and complaints with law enforcement agencies and the Federal Antimonopoly Service (hereinafter – the Service).
The Service accepted the complaint and initiated the case on violation of antimonopoly law.

In the proceedings AB Lawyers proved that the products were not original, were produced under the client’s trademark, and the violator aimed to illegally obtain advantages due to non-compliance with the rules of competition.

After evaluating the evidence, explanations, and analyzing the state of competition, the Service found the violator guilty of non-compliance with the requirements of competition law, establishing that the violator’s behavior caused losses to companies operating in the equipment trade market.

The decisions of the Service and its territorial bodies are of key importance for the industrial equipment market in Russia and indicate to foreign companies that their rights and legitimate interests can be properly protected. AB Lawyers is currently planning to sue the violator for damages or compensation in connection with the illegal use of a client’s trademark.