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Disputes over substandard goods and services claims
Led by attorney Ilya Borisov with 15+ years of experience in the area, our company boasts one of the best teams focused on B2C issues in Russia.

We deal with big-league global brands: automotive groups, financial institutions and banks, manufacturers of beauty products, clothing, footwear and accessories.
Arranging & managing claim-related workflow
Organising a remote claim-settlement service (Help Desk)
B2C dispute resolution
Assisting in dealer network operations, legal review of dealer contracts
Legal review and risk assessment of warranty and post-warranty programmes, promos, customer loyalty programmes
Assisting in expert examinations of goods quality and appraisals
B2C liaison trainings
October book fair
This is the most important event of the literary market. The festival takes place on the territory of the cluster
Italian brand of premium womenswear
World-known French producer and retailer of the luxury product