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Retail business support
The typical feature of the retail business in Russia is that the law is exceptionally protective of consumers and the business risks are difficult to predict. Many years of experience in consulting and supporting retail companies have allowed us to create a unique product for business support aimed at the end consumer (B2C).

A separate segment in this sector includes companies selling luxury and premium goods and services, which we support both when the store is preparing to open and when it is already fully operational.
Minimizing risks when commercializing the product (compliance with technical regulations, marking (price tags, labels), service instructions, warranty, advertising)
Advising on marking certain types of goods
Complying with regulatory requirements for retail business (shopping space; information to be provided to the consumer; COVID-19 related requirements)
Supporting distance selling (online stores, omnichannel)
Liaising with the Rospotrebnadzor (Russian Federal Service for the Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare), customers, clients; handling claims
Customized training for personnel and management
Risk management: developing policies and procedures, implementing an internal control system, countering fraud (shop floor/stockroom/checkout), supporting inventory and product destruction procedures
Legal support for organizing and holding special marketing and client events
October book fair
This is the most important event of the literary market. The festival takes place on the territory of the cluster
World-known French producer and retailer of the luxury product
Italian brand of premium womenswear
European producer of premium womenswear